Curtis Taylor

Assistant Professor

PhD, 2005, University of Arkansas,

Email address:
Office: MAE-B 224
Office Phone: (352) 392-4440


nanomanufacturing, nanomechanics, material synthesis and characterization The development of practical, low-cost nanoscale manufacturing tools and processes that are capable of atomic-level control is one of the greatest challenges to the commercialization of nanotechnology and the harnessing of its unique benefits. In order to enable the full potential of recent discoveries and advances in understanding matter at the nanoscale in the biological, chemical, electrical, mechanical, optical and other domains—new paradigms in manufacturing are needed. To address this need, Dr. Taylor’s research investigates materials, tools, and techniques to allow for robust and repeatable nanofabrication of structures with atomic-level control of size, shape, position, and chemical composition. For more information, please see the research links below.

Office Information

Office Hours: MWF 7th period
Courses Taught:
EGM 3520 - Mechanics of Materials
EML 6933 - Nanomechanics Simulation and Experimental Methods

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