SMDM Faculty Members

Faculty Title Office
Nagaraj K. Arakere Professor and Associate Dept Chair NEB
Riccardo Bevilacqua Associate Professor MAE-A
Michael Braddock Instructor MAE-C
Oana Cazacu Professor REEF
Youping Chen Associate Professor MAE-B
Nicolae D. Cristescu Graduate Research Professor Emeritus NEB
Raphael T. Haftka Distinguished Professor MAE-A
Peter G. Ifju Knox T. Millsaps Professor NEB
David A. Jenkins Associate Engineer Emeritus NEB
Nam Ho Kim Associate Professor MAE-A
Ashok V. Kumar Associate Professor MAE-A
Gary K. Matthew Associate Professor Emeritus MAE-B
Bhavani V. Sankar Ebaugh Professor NEB
Malisa Sarntinoranont Associate Professor MAE-A
W. Gregory Sawyer Ebaugh Professor MAE-B
John K. Schueller Professor MAE-B
Ghatu Subhash Knox T. Millsaps Professor NEB
Curtis Taylor Assistant Professor MAE-B
Loc Vu-Quoc Professor NEB
Hitomi Y. Greenslet Associate Professor MAE-B
Tommy Angelini Assistant Professor MAE-B
Yong Huang Professor MAE-B
Chelsey Simmons Assistant Professor MAE-C

Research Centers & Laboratories


All SMDM students (Masters and Ph.D.) must complete 3 of the 5 courses listed in Group A below. Ph.D. students must also complete a minimum of 2 additional courses from Group B.

3-Year Graduate Course Projections (revised Fall 2010)

The projected availability of SMDM courses can be found here.


  • EML 5526 Finite Element Analysis and Application
  • EGM 5533 Applied Elasticity and Advanced Mechanics of Solids
  • EML 5xxx Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design
  • EML 6324 Fundamentals of Production Engineering
  • EGM 6611 Continuum Mechanics


  • EML 5045 Computational Methods for Design & Manufacturing.
  • EGM 5111L Experimental Stress Analysis
  • EGM 5584 Mechanics of Soft Tissues
  • EAS 6242 Advanced Structural Composites
  • EML 6267 Structural Dynamics of Production Machinery
  • EGM 6352 Advanced Finite Element Methods
  • EGM 6365 Structural Optimization
  • EML 6506 Fluid Film Lubrication
  • EML 6507 Wear of Materials
  • EGM 6570 Principles of Fracture Mechanics
  • EGM 6595 Bone Mechanics
  • EAS 6xxx Design and Optimization
  • EGM 6xxx Inelastic Materials
  • EML 6xxx Design of Precision Machines

Note: graduate students are encouraged to develop a comprehensive Plan of Study that will prepare a student for the qualifying exam as well as provide breadth and depth for their chosen area of specialization.  For more information on the necessary course requirements for the Plan of Study, please see the Graduate section of the site.

Qualifying Exam Information

Please refer to the Qualifying Examination section of the site for comprehensive information about qualifying exam requirements.