EDGE Graduate Students

Please make a telephone appointment at your convenience with Dr. Karen Ehlers using this link: https://www.timetrade.com/book/TBR9K

If you are attempting to register for an EDGE course in another HWCOE department, please use websites/email info below for registration information and forms. 

Civil Engineering - http://www.essie.ufl.edu/common/info/pdf/essie_edge_registration_form-201612130913.pdf
Computer & Information Science & Engineering -
Email registration request with UFID, course number(s), and zip code to: alcook@ufl.edu.
Environmental Engineering  - http://www.essie.ufl.edu/common/info/pdf/essie_edge_registration_form-201612130913.pdf
Industrial Systems Engineering - Email registration request with UFID, course number(s), and zip code to: white@ise.ufl.edu.
Engineering Leadership or Innovation Institutes (Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Project Management courses) - Email registration request with UFID and course number(s) to: edge-admin@eng.ufl.edu.   

REGISTRATION  – MAE COURSES (scroll to bottom to view current course schedule and section numbers)
For all MAE EDGE courses listed below, the MAE EDGE GRADUATE STUDENT registration process is as follows:

  1. Select the appropriate MAE course based on your residency status.
  2. Complete the EDGE Registration Form and SUBMIT VIA EDGEStudentServices@mae.ufl.edu.
  3. Once your request for registration has been approved, you will receive the following instructions for completing registration for a departmentally controlled section.
    1. Logon to www.student.ufl.edu or https://one.uf.edu/
    2. Select the term of registration
    3. Chose “add a section” and input the section
    4. Submit
    5. Review your registration to ensure the Course, Section ,and Credits are correct.

It is your responsibility to make any necessary schedule adjustments to your registration prior to drop/add.

EAS6138 Gas Dynamics 1E65 15GA Houim
EAS6939 Aeroelasticity 1F24 1F27 Sharma
EAS6939 Aerospace Structural Composites 12DF 12D0 Sankar
EGM5121C Data Measurement and Analysis 12HE 12H2 Angelini
EGM6322 Principles of Engineering Analysis 2 18D9 7263 Cazacu
EGM6341 Numerical Methods of Eng Analys 1 7992 8009 Thakur
EGM6352 Adv Finite Element Analysis 1E81 1E86 Kim
EGM6570 Principles of Fracture Mechanics 1201 1204 Spearot
EGM6611 Continuum Mechanics 6543 6546 Chen
EGM6671 Inelastic Materials 136F 1361 Revil-Baudard
EGM6813 Fluid Mechanics 2 7769 9233 Mei
EML5104 Classical & Statistical Thermodynamics 7565 7792 Segal
EML5215 Analytical Dynamics 1228 1239 Bevalacqua
EML5233 Failure of Materials in Mechanical Design 066E 0676 Sawyer
EML5311 Control System Theory 2484 6060 Barooah
EML5465 Energy Management for Mech. Eng 06DG 06D1 Ingley
EML5515 Gas Turbines and Jet Engines 06EB 06EC Lear
EML5714 Compressible Flow 06C6 06C7 Miller
EML6155 Convective Heat Transfer 1 7586 9236 Moghaddam
EML6323 Nontraditional Manufacturing 1271 1272 Greenslet
EML6351 Adaptive Control 1298 157C Dixon
EML6451  Energy Conversion 2330 2333 Chung
EML6934 Industry Practicum 2E99 2G44 Ehlers