Job Opportunities and Other Information

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering receives many job opportunities for internships, co-op positions and full-time employment. We have posted these opportunities for our students to consider. In addition, we encourage our students to utilize the UF Career Resource Center for assistance with additional employment opportunities, including help with resumes and other job searching resources.

UF Career Resource Center

Title Job type Post date Deadline
Opportunity for students Undergrad, Other 2017-04-07
Interns for Mitchell-Gulledge Engineering Undergrad, Intern 2017-04-07
Scholarships Available, Summer 2017 | Sustainable Development Abroad Undergrad, Other 2017-04-07
MIL/CIMAR: UF Robotics Undergrad, Other 2017-04-07 2017-04-12
UF AIAA Announcement Undergrad, Other 2017-04-05 2017-04-10
Opportunity for Students Experienced with FEA Undergrad, Other 2017-03-31
Human Resources Internship Undergrad, Intern 2017-03-31
Engineering Positions Undergrad, Grad 2017-03-28
Northrop Grumman Movie Night Undergrad, Other 2017-03-22 2017-03-30
2017 Robotics Lab Summer Internships Undergrad, Intern 2017-03-22 2017-04-15
ASSE Meeting Undergrad, Other 2017-03-22 2017-03-27
The David & Wanda Brown Center for Leadership & Service Ambassadors Undergrad, Other 2017-03-16 2017-04-07
Join Gatorloop! Undergrad, Other 2017-03-16 2017-03-22
Internship opportunities at Magic Leap Undergrad 2017-03-14
Employment Opportunities at Stellar Undergrad 2017-03-14 2017-04-14
Summer Data Science Fellowship Opportunity Grad, Other 2017-03-01
Undergraduate Research Position Related to Solid Mechanics, Control, and Manufacturing Undergrad 2017-02-28
Want to be a POET this Summer 2017? Undergrad, Other 2017-02-14 2017-03-01
Apply Now for the LeadUF Retreat Undergrad, Other 2017-02-14 2017-03-03
Tenure Track Faculty Position Grad 2017-02-08
Introduction to CFD Flyer - Fall 2017 Undergrad, Other 2017-02-07
Summer REU Program at UC San Diego Undergrad, Intern 2017-02-07 2017-03-15
Horizons Fellowship Opportunity Undergrad, Other 2017-02-03
Research Assistant Undergrad, Grad 2017-02-02
Civil Engineering Corps - Navy Undergrad, Other 2017-01-31
Drop Policy - PLEASE READ! Undergrad, Other 2017-01-31 2017-04-07
Social Anxiety Group for UF Students Undergrad, Grad, Other 2017-01-31
Mechanical Engineering Student Projects Undergrad, Other 2017-01-25
Join the BEST Initiative Undergrad, Other 2017-01-25
C2B2 Research Experience for Undergraduates Undergrad, Other 2017-01-25