Job Opportunities and Other Information

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering receives many job opportunities for internships, co-op positions and full-time employment. We have posted these opportunities for our students to consider. In addition, we encourage our students to utilize the UF Career Resource Center for assistance with additional employment opportunities, including help with resumes and other job searching resources.

UF Career Resource Center

Title Job type Post date Deadline
Summer Internship Program - Johns Hopkins Undergrad, Intern 2018-02-16 2018-03-31
IPPD Info Session Undergrad, Other 2018-02-15 2018-02-21
Job Opening with NTSB Recorders Division Undergrad 2018-02-15 2018-03-09
Mechanical Engineer Internship Undergrad, Intern 2018-02-14
IHMC Robotics: Summer Internships Undergrad, Intern 2018-02-12
Leadership Minor Applications Undergrad, Other 2018-02-12 2018-02-16
Bob Graham Center summer internships Undergrad, Intern 2018-02-12 2018-02-26
Lab Position Undergrad 2018-02-08
STEM Research info Session; Promotion Undergrad, Other 2018-02-07 2018-02-13
University Women's Club Scholarships Undergrad, Other 2018-02-07 2018-03-02
MS in Management (MSM) Info Session Undergrad, Other 2018-02-07 2018-02-13
NSF - REU in Nanotechnology/Biomedicine at University of Georgia Undergrad, Other 2018-02-07 2018-02-11
NSF Summer REU Opportunity in Louisiana Undergrad, Other 2018-02-07 2018-02-16
Career Planning Undergrad, Other 2018-02-07 2018-02-20
Undergraduate Research Position in Soft Robotics Undergrad 2018-02-02
Graduating Checklist Spring 2018 Undergrad, Other 2018-01-24 2018-04-25
FE Exam Undergrad, Other 2018-01-24
Drop and Withdrawal Policy for Spring 2018 Undergrad, Other 2018-01-24 2018-04-25
Become LEED Accredited! Undergrad, Other 2018-01-23 2018-02-03
Online MS program in Biostatistics Undergrad, Other 2018-01-23
See Yourself In STEM program Undergrad, Other 2018-01-23 2018-02-02
GIT Summer UG Research Program Undergrad, Other 2018-01-23 2018-02-16
Winter Data Science Fellowship Opportunity Grad, Other 2017-12-18 2018-05-18
NSF-ERC Summer Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities Undergrad, Other 2017-12-18 2018-03-15
2018 Student Design Competition Undergrad, Grad, Other 2017-12-18 2018-04-13
2018 AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup Undergrad, Other 2017-12-18 2018-02-20
Spring 2018 Dates and Deadlines Undergrad, Other 2017-12-18 2018-05-04