MAE Technical Support

All IT users in MAE must comply with University of Florida guidelines and policies and should review the complete UF guidelines on acceptable use.

If you need to contact the MAE Tech Support Team, you can email both of us at or you can call us at 392-0927.  Using this information is the best way to contact us.

Primary Contact Information

Backup Contact Information

For IT support, please complete the on-line MAE IT Support Request Form to ensure prompt support.

What software does the Department maintain licenses for?

In an attempt to make things as easy as possible when setting up a new computer or reloading the operating system on a current computer, the Department maintains several license for software for both the PC and Unix platforms.  Here is a list of currently supported software:

  1. Microsoft software available via Microsoft DreamSpark (For Research ONLY)
  2. LabView (University License)
  3. Matlab - Available for Windows, Unix and Linux (University License)
  4. TecPlot  (Department License)
  5. AutoCAD (University License)

NOTE:  We do not have a research license for Solidworks.
You can also check with the UF Software Licensing to see what software they have available.

When is Tech Support available to help with my problems?

The general rule of thumb is that Tech support is provided from 7:30AM to 4:30PM on a daily basis excluding UF recognized holidays.  This may vary from time to time based on the current semester schedule, times when school is out or on break, etc.  On occasion, we are available during hours other than the listed times via the Internet and will try to address your problems if they are an emergency.