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Room Reservations

Need to reserve a room?  It’s easy!

Simply click on the room listed below to review a current calendar.  This will show the dates and times the room is available.  After you have chosen which room to use and the date required, please complete the Room Reservation Form.  You will receive a confirmation email and your information will be entered onto the appropriate calendar.

If you no longer need a reserved room, please cancel by contacting Sonya Clements.

Information Required for Room Reservations:

  • Name of the person requesting the room & faculty sponsor if requester is a student
  • Date required
  • Time frame required

Conference Rooms

MAE-A 221 — Conference Room

MAE-B 237 — Conference Room

NEB 138 — Conference Room

Reitz Union

To arrange a reservation for a room in the Reitz Union, please check their schedule here and consult with Jan Rockey.