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Dr. David Lambert receives the Department’s inaugural Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer award

Dr. David Lambert visited campus recently to receive the Department’s inaugural Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer award, MAE’s highest honor for technical excellence awarded to our alumni. Dr. Lambert received his PhD in 1998 under the direction of MAE Professor C. Allen Ross. Dr. Lambert joined the Munitions Directorate of Air Force Research Laboratory, Eglin AFB, as a mechanical engineer in 1987, and has fulfilled a variety of technical positions. He was recently promoted to Chief Scientist, where he serves as the principal scientific and technical advisor to the lab director and the primary authority for technical content of the directorate’s science and technology portfolio.

During his tenure with AFRL, he has fulfilled a variety of technical positions, ranging from bench level scientist, team leader, and technical advisor. He is an esteemed Fellow of AFRL (inducted 2011) for his innovative research and strong technical leadership in ordnance and weapons related sciences. He is recognized for his visionary research in detonation physics and explosive-metal systems leading to advanced warhead concepts. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the International Ballistics Society, the Hypervelocity Impact Society (past president), and American Society of Mechanical Engineers-Northwest Florida Section.

Dr. Lambert’s lecture was titled “In Just a Few Microseconds”, and detailed the detonation processes that occur on the timescale of nano-seconds with giga-watts of power being released with modern weapon systems. This seemingly rudimentary, stochastic event has had over one hundred years of research by the broader community, but yet significant gaps remain in our understanding.