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Pi Tau Sigma organizes engineering outreach event for local K-12 students

This past Saturday, October 22nd, UF’s chapter of Pi Tau Sigma organized an engineering outreach event for local K-12 students. Members of the International Mechanical Engineering Honor Society volunteered in the GatorTrax event, in order to provide local students with an opportunity to learn mathematics, physics, and engineering concepts through hands-on activities.

The event opened with a short PowerPoint presentation, led by UF student-volunteers, introducing the students to the concepts of kinetic and potential energy.  After the presentation, with help from the volunteers, the K-12 participants designed and built rollercoasters for marbles using pipe insulation.  Once the designs were completed, the volunteers hosted a competition where each team was rewarded points for the height of their rollercoaster, and the number and size of loops the teams built into their design.