Undergraduate Special Topics - Mechanics for Biology Seminar Topics

New Tutorial Seminar – Spring 2017

Mechanics for Biology

Wednesdays 8:30-9:20am, New Engineering Bldg (NEB) 102, 1 credit

This tutorial-style 1 credit seminar will introduce concepts of mechanical engineering that are often applied to biological and biomedical problems. It is intended for multidisciplinary researchers and assumes minimal coursework in physics or engineering. Tentative schedule includes:


•       Basic Mechanics of Biomaterials

•       Mechanical Characterization Methods of Biomaterials and Tissue

•       Manufacturing Implantable (Hard and Soft) Biomaterials

•       Physics of Proteins

•       Molecular Motors: Generating Force

•       Cell Mechanics: Methods and Models

•       Mechanobiology: How do cells sense mechanics?

•       Mechanics of the Nucleus

•       Fluid Flow and Applications to Hemodynamics

•       Pressure-Driven Flow and Drug Delivery

•       Mass Transfer and the Lungs

•       Cardiac Mechanics

•       Musculoskeletal Tissue Mechanics

•       Musculoskeletal Dynamics and Gait

Lectures will be appropriate for upper-level students and researchers interested in understanding the influence of mechanics on biology. Seminars will be videotaped, and attendees can register for credit (Undergrads: EML4930, Section 16E5; Grads: EML6934, Section 16F8) or request auditor status to access videos.

Contact Prof. Chelsey Simmons at css@ufl.edu with questions.