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EML4930 Automotive Engineering

New Spring 2017 Course Taught Modularly

Sign up for one (Section 081D), two (Section 081G), or three (Section 0813) credits corresponding to how many modules you want to take.

Instructor: Prof. John K. Schueller schuejk@ufl.edu

Location and Time:  CSE 221  MWF 8 (3:00 – 3:50)

All students MUST attend class on Wednesday 4 January to be introduced to the course requirements and to register for modules.

Module 1: Mobile Hydraulics

Hydraulic (pressurized fluid) systems are widely used on mobile vehicles, especially off‐highway ones.  Students will learn the engineering of various components (pumps, cylinders, valves, reservoirs, etc.) and their integration into reliable systems which meet performance goals.

Lectures: 6 January – 3 February; Exam: 6 February

Module 2: Internal Combustion Engines

Students in this module will learn the basic concepts and technologies of contemporary gasoline and diesel engines, including thermal, air, and fuel management and control.

Lectures: 8 February – 15 March; Exam: 17 March

Module 3: Automotive Electricals and Electronics

Students in this module will learn about electrical components and system structure. Automotive sensors, electronic controls, and networking will also be included.

Lectures: 20 March – 17 April; Exam: 19 April

Course Conduct:

·    Prerequisite is either EGM2511 (Statics) or EEL3111C (Circuits) or instructor consent

·    Each module is independent and students can choose any combination of modules

·    Students are expected to attend class regularly

·    Being just a 1/3rd semester, each module is just a small introduction to the subject

·    Emphasis on contemporary conventional on‐highway and off‐highway technologies (no hybrid, electric vehicle, historical, futuristic, etc., topics)

·    Students must bring hardcopies of the textbooks for open‐book/open‐notes exams

·    Each module’s grade will be 25% on homework and 75% on the module exam

·     The course grade for students registering for two or three credits will be based upon the average of the grades for their two or three modules

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