Internship opportunities at Magic Leap

                                    WIZARDS WANTED

                                          Summer Internship 2017

The mechanical, opto-mechanical, optical engineer, physicist, or mechatronics engineer is skilled in instrumentation and micro systems.  Interns must be highly innovative and enjoy working in a dynamic and creative environment within a multi- disciplinary team. Interns should demonstrate independence and strong record of academic achievement with laboratory work in a relevant laboratory (MEMS, mechatronics, flexures, oscillators, and vibrations). The ability to collaborate with experts in other subject areas is essential.


• Design, build, and test novel concepts for miniature, actuated opto- mechanical/electrical system

   • Flexure design—with traditional and novel materials (carbon fiber, fused silica)

• Small motion, low mass, high frequency actuators design (e.g. piezo, voice coil, electro-static comb drives, etc.)

   • Dynamic system design, modeling, analysis, and testing

   • Experience in fiber optics and optical system is helpful

   • Subject area knowledge in any of the following is desired, but not essential:

o  LabVIEW programming

o  Data collection, analysis, and presentation

o  Micro fabrication

o  Joining techniques for actuators and flexures  in micro systems


  • Degree programs in mechanical, optical, materials, mechatronics, photonics, electrical engineering or physics

     • Senior standing in a BS program

     • Or currently pursuing MS or Ph. D.

Most positions are located at our Mothership in Fort Lauderdale, FL. But weʼre growing quickly, and have opportunities in our other offices in far off places all around the  globe.        

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