The new travel form is now submitted via a web form.

A copy of the request will be sent via email to:

  1. The person requesting the travel, so you have a copy of the TAR you submitted
  2. The PI listed for funding approval and travel approval.
         (Make sure you have the PI's UF email address)
  3. The MAE Travel Office to notify them of your plans to travel.

MAE Business Travel & Reimbursement Policy


  • To streamline travel authorization & reimbursement processes
  • To fully comply with the University's Finance and Accounting Directives and Procedures for Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement
  • To speed-up the travel authorization and reimbursement

  • The goal is to fully inform the faculty and students of every step that needs to be taken in the authorization & reimbursement processes. Complying with these steps will result in

  • Travel authorization request will be approved/disapproved within 3 business days
  • Travel reimbursement will be processed within 3 business days

    Prior to Travel

  • Travel without an approved Travel Authorization Request (TAR) will not be reimbursed
  • TAR must be filled out at least two weeks in advance (a)
  • International travel additionally requires completion of:
  • (1) Medex Registration
    (2) Faculty/Staff Waiver Assumption Risk Form    PDF Format    Word Format
    (3) Approval of UF equipment taken out of the country

  • International TAR will be approved only when Medex Registration ID number and completed Faculty/Staff Waiver Assumption Risk From are attached.

  • Request the government room rate

  • When booking hotels in Florida, request from the hotel the exemption from Florida Sales and Use Tax by providing the hotel a copy of UF's FL DR-14 Consumer's Certificate of Exemption Form

    Travel Related P-Card Use

  • Only after approval of the TAR, travel related P-card purchases can be made
  • All P-Card charges must be submitted within 3 days of purchase (b)
  • (1) Copy of the receipt
    (2) Details of the expense (eg. For purchase of specific items)
    (3) What travel (or TAR) the purchase is associated with
    (4) Source of funds

    Travel Reimbursement

  • Travel Reimbursement Request (TRR) form must be filled out.
  • TRR must be submitted with all the supporting documents either as a hard copy or emailed to MAE Travel Office at
  • The following table shows typical expense categories and what receipts/documents should be attached in order to ensure expedited processing.

Expense category Documents to attach
  • Receipt showing amount paid and "coach" class (c)
  • Avis Car Rental (d)
  • Receipt showing "class B" or smaller (e)
  • Taxi
  • Receipt including "Tips" paid
  • Train/Bus
  • Receipt
  • Gas
  • Receipt
  • Parking
  • Receipt
  • Toll
  • Receipt needed if greater than $25
  • Baggage
  • Receipt needed if greater than $25
  • Receipt showing single occupancy (f)
  • Communication
  • Receipt needed along with justification
  • Laundry
  • Receipt (allowed only when travel is more than 9 days)
  • Receipt
  • Copy of Registration Form
  • Copy of the Agenda
  • Miscellaneous
  • Receipts needed along with justification
  • One of the biggest challenges for the travel processing staff has been "Registration". We are required to find out how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included in the registration fee and subtract them from Per Diem. Though this is more work for the money saved, we must comply with the state requirement. Thus, along with the "Proof of Payment" for the registration, copies of the Registration Form and Agenda are required to get a complete breakdown of charges.

    (a) In general, this applies to all travel related to pre-scheduled conferences, workshops and international trips. Exceptional cases of urgent business travel can be accommodated.

    (b) This is a University requirement. Even if you are on an extended travel, you are required to submit copies of the receipts within 3 days. If you cannot, use other means to pay.

    (c) Only coach class is allowed for all flights less than 9 hrs.

    (d) Other car rental companies are NOT allowed unless it can be shown that Avis did not have a car available

    (e) Larger class of car rental must be justified.

    (f) If room occupancy is shared with another UF employee, both the TRR and the receipts must be submitted together.